Jarter Jargon

Whale Mail

Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about an idea I had: actually mailing tweets.

You read it correctly. We all have encountered the infamous “Fail Whale” on Twitter. We get upset and freak out and hope to check our timeline only to see Johhny is still eating his sandwich on the patio. But what about people’s addictions? Tweeting out crap that doesn’t really mean anything to anyone? We’re all guilty, and we know it.

I purchased a rubber stamp awhile ago of a bird with a little speech bubble. I really just bought it to leave my girlfriend cute notes here and there. That was it. But lately, this idea of mailing tweets has become somewhat of an obsession. It was a project that has gone from a funny idea to some serious time put into logistics, messages to be sent, who to send the first batch to, and so on.

But admit it. You love getting mail. We all do. I’m not talking about bills, grades, or junk mail. I’m talking about care packages. Cards from grandma. Letters from an old pen pal. The idea of someone putting in the time and effort to write down something important enough to send to wherever is pretty impressive.

Back when letters where the only way to send something to someone, there’s that rush of hoping today is the day you open your mailbox and there it is. The image that always comes to mind is Ralphie checking day-after-day for his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin.

So I decided to mail out tweets to 11 initial people using my little bird stamp. I don’t know how it will all work out or how long I’ll keep it up, but it seemed like something to do to make someone’s day that much better when they least expect it. As for the initial 11, the tweets sent out were for some new mashups I made for people while some were just letting people know about this little post, and one was because I promised (Yes, Lacey, I didn’t forget). Although, there was a special tweet sent to a special someone (sorry Phil, it wasn’t you!).

I encourage you to try this out for yourself. Take a break from the social world and get back to the real one. At the same time, avoid the whale with Whale Mail! You don’t need a fancy stamp, just write out your tweet on paper, plain and simple, or get those doodle skills back to pro-status.

So keep an eye on your mailbox, you never know when you’ll get a tweet from me or someone you haven’t heard from in awhile.


7 Responses to "Whale Mail"

Really a creative and sweet idea! I am touched to be among those you sent. Thanks, Josh! P.S. I am so guilty of being such person who doesn’t send snail mail or cards anymore. But you made me rethink. I still owe my mother-in-law a thank-you card 😦

Haha! That is completely fine! I’m glad you like my project though.

Thanks for including me on the initial #WhaleMail. How will you automate it 🙂

Thanks for including me on the initial #WhaleMail. How will you automate it? 🙂

What do you mean by automate!

Just creeping on your blog and found this…such a cool idea!!!!

Hey thanks! It was a one-time-go kind of thing as of right now – never really caught on! (no one replied to me…!)

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