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As everyone knows, Instagram launched its new video feature. What followed was not surprising. Vine fanatics bashed it, techies discussed whether it was better than Vine, and people everywhere posted the obligatory “My first Instagram video!”

While some believed the new Instagram features “beat” Vine, others argue that the two platforms are incomparable. Personally, I agree with the latter. While it’s obvious Facebook realized the potential Vine unlocked, Instagram’s video capability is very different than Vine’s.

The allure of Vine for marketers and Vine-celebs is the stop motion effect. Instagram video has a much harder time capturing that. It also takes quite a bit of creativity to pull off an impressive Vine.

Conversely, Instagram video has a few things going its way. Instagram is already so well-liked, I personally think the new feature will be widely accepted and make its way into your regular app use easier than it was for Vine to break through.

While I see Vine-celebs sticking to their guns, I think Instagram video will be a staple for consistent users.


A weekend in Chicago turned into a technological epiphany. I deleted my Facebook, I didn’t tweet, I didn’t shoot a picture with Instagram, and all in all, the only people I kept in contact with were my parents via sparse texts (also a handful of emails related to work). And to be completely honest, it was awesomely refreshing.

Lately, I’ve been wondering where the limit is for social media. When do we stop? With the countless hours of YouTube videos posted each minute, all the active members on Facebook, and the millions of tweets sent out each day, how do we stay connected to who and what we want?

I am currently following 491 people on Twitter. Do I see what every one of them are saying? Not even close. It is almost impossible to check every followers’ account to keep up to date with everything they push out. Then there are the people who seem to have absolutely nothing to do all day judging by the amount of tweets they send out (32 tweets in 5 minutes? Tsk tsk, he-who-shall-not-be-named).

So again, where do we draw the line. Personally, social media has become more and more fascinating while also becoming more and more terrifying. Really, how do we keep up with everything that is going on? There are infinite amounts of “things” out there people are talking about, but there is literally not enough time ever to keep up with all of it.

And I know this all sounds fairly hypocritical seeing as I blog, tweet, and share pictures of my lunch on Instagram, but as of late, it’s all been winding down.

I think that social media has hit its plateau. We can analyze only so much, and we can use social media to benefit our brands and lives only so much. An artist at the GALORE festival in Copenhagen, Denmark challenges our reliance on all things web social in this time-lapse video that asks the question: “When is too much simply too much?”

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