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Josh_Arter_014_hdcwebMy name is Joshua Arter. I am a recent (and very proud) graduate of Marquette University. My experiences have led me to a strong background in advertising, marketing, PR, and social media.

Jarter Jargon is a collection of my opinions and insights into the market today.



2 Responses to "About Me"

Hey Jushua,
You had an interesting mentioning of Keywifi back in last year. I was following up on Keywifi and it seems to me that they’ve evaporated from the digital world since sometimes summer last year. I couldn’t find anything about it, my Quora question to their people was unanswered.

Do you know what has happened to Keywifi? And if it did really go down, what was the cause(s)? I’m interested to understand any factors other than failing getting funding were contributing their vanishing. They had a very interesting (and some’d say noble) business model, but was that the devil of details (and realities of mindset of wifi host/owner) that rendered the result as such? Would like to hear from your point of view if you know about that happened. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the comment! I did some searching, and I really couldn’t find anything either.

I think, yes, KeyWifi had a great idea. But like many great community ideas, it was lost in the process of making it completely legit. It’s a bummer that civic programs like this have a harder time gaining a foot hold.

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