Jarter Jargon

Instagram Video: Vine Rival?

Posted on: June 21, 2013

As everyone knows, Instagram launched its new video feature. What followed was not surprising. Vine fanatics bashed it, techies discussed whether it was better than Vine, and people everywhere posted the obligatory “My first Instagram video!”

While some believed the new Instagram features “beat” Vine, others argue that the two platforms are incomparable. Personally, I agree with the latter. While it’s obvious Facebook realized the potential Vine unlocked, Instagram’s video capability is very different than Vine’s.

The allure of Vine for marketers and Vine-celebs is the stop motion effect. Instagram video has a much harder time capturing that. It also takes quite a bit of creativity to pull off an impressive Vine.

Conversely, Instagram video has a few things going its way. Instagram is already so well-liked, I personally think the new feature will be widely accepted and make its way into your regular app use easier than it was for Vine to break through.

While I see Vine-celebs sticking to their guns, I think Instagram video will be a staple for consistent users.


4 Responses to "Instagram Video: Vine Rival?"

I think Vine with it’s stop motion will be tailored for creative industries (particularly start ups) whilst Instagram is more suited to branded entertainment content (longer video times, larger audience.)

Either way, Vinemercials and Instatisements are going to take over!

I think that’s a great point! I’m excited to see where both will go.

People are obviously more apt to notice and pay attention to ads on either rather than ads, say, on Facebook.

Very true. They’ll be looking for it in most cases on these apps. I believe. It will have to have content value though so the customer can take something from it. Whilst the company would get value back (sales.)

Aslo very true. Since posting this, it’s interesting to see how my friends have discussed Vine vs. Instagram video. Seems to be having a positive reception so far.

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