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Socl: Pinterest Meets Google+ Meets Steroids

Posted on: December 5, 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 4.50.13 PM

Today, Microsoft announced the Beta launch of Socl. Previously a social search, it has now developed into what seems to be a more amped up Pinterest with hints of Google+.

First, you are prompted to sign in either through your Facebook or your Microsoft account. Once you have logged in, you are hit with a fire hose of posts which can be sorted by “All,” “Following,” or “Featured.” Socl makes it extremely easy to share websites, news stories, photos, and videos: everything you would share elsewhere. With it’s Windows 8-esque design, it can be overwhelming at first.

You can break things down to specific interest categories, all driven by images. What’s interesting is that you can follow specific people or general interests such as “tech” or “music,” very similar to Facebook.

Posting comes in the form of searching for a topic and adding content. If you search “music,” a blank post template appears with related material for you to add.

The most interesting feature of Socl to me is the “Parties” section. Here, people can post videos that loop while others can join in and watch and chat. Videos posted from YouTube lose the function of pause/play/fast forwarding/rewinding so it seems pointless for longer content.

Overall, Socl seems like a fun place to stumble across interesting stuff, and I do think it could make its way into playing a roll in the social scene, but as of right now it’s too soon to tell where it’ll fit in seeing as how you can share posts from Socl on other channels like Facebook and Twitter.


3 Responses to "Socl: Pinterest Meets Google+ Meets Steroids"

Sounds very similar to Kumbaya.com. Check it out! However, it sounds like just another social platform. It gets really overwhelming at times, I don’t have time to keep joining these networks ha.

I have heard of Kumbaya but never looked into it! Also don’t forget, the new myspace launched haha!

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