Jarter Jargon

The Integration of Twitter

Posted on: September 5, 2012

It’s been some time since Twitter’s launch (six years ago), but if you think about it, Twitter has come a long way from tweets about normal every day life. Today, you can’t watch a show without having some sort of integrated #hashtag featured in the lower corner. Brands utilize #hashtags in commercials as well.

Every event, the Super Bowl; the Olympics; political conventions; all have a specific and carefully crafted #hashtag that accompanies what is going on.

Chris Messina is the original inventor of creating these social “channels” using the infamous # (pound) sign. “Iā€™m more interested in simply having a better eavesdropping experience on Twitter. To that end, I focused my thinking on contextualization, content filteringand exploratory serendipity within the Twittosphere,” Messina explains.

The interconnectivity on Twitter started as a way to dive deeper, easier into information being exchanged. It has now expanded into something more powerful than I think Messina believed it could be in the first place.

Even now, artists are creating pieces that react to the buzz of certain topics and #hashtags on Twitter.

Each day, people are pushing the boundaries of social media to find a new and creative way to utilize its services. The rise and expansion of these #hashtag channels is very impressive, and I firmly believe it is not done quite yet.

Furthermore, in our everyday lives, my generation is notorious for physically saying “hashtag” before something to yet again bring in some sort of real-life Twitter interaction. And still, as I hit publish and prepare a tweet for this post, I know I’ll be using #hashtags to be seen in those channels.


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