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The Power of Social Media for the ‘Every Day’ User

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Before people realized the power of Facebook, I was in high school. Before the Twittersphere blew up, I thought Twitter was the dumbest thing ever. Soon enough, people found that Facebook and Twitter could be used for something more than just posting photos and updating people on your life.

Companies were creating online, social presences. New systems, new positions, and new research had to be made to truly understand the power and reach of social media. But what does it mean for the every-day user who isn’t looking to gain sales and customers? Do not underestimate your own voice in social media.

I have been making music since I was 14. On my 14th birthday, my parents gave me a drumset and sparked a passion that would become somewhat of a living, really, my personal identity. But after using Facebook and creating a Twitter, I soon found that social media was to be used, well, socially. I began connecting with like-minded people, collaborating on mixes, beats, and music in general. I started writing for some blogs, and decided to start my own. Snowflakes In The Ghetto was born and my music career hasn’t been the same since. I was hanging out in studios with rappers, making and selling my own music, and even gaining a brief stint of internet fame with my Jay-Z Matt & Kim mashups (hitting almost 10,000 downloads the first few weeks).

ImageI’m done tooting my own horn for now. But really, how can the every-day user get out there and make a presence? It’s a lot easier than you think. Again, social media is meant to be used socially. Pages on Facebook, hashtags on Twitter, all these features are made to help people connect!

It’s easy enough. Take something you are passionate about, find people who are passionate about it as well, share your passion, build your passion into an image. It’s basic personal branding.


5 Responses to "The Power of Social Media for the ‘Every Day’ User"

Wow. That is so awesome, and quite impressive. It is pretty cool to think that the “every-day” Twitter and Facebook user can have that big of an effect. Since I do not see myself using these outlets professionally in my career, it gives me a new outlook on what I can do with them other than just keep in touch with friends. Interesting post!

Definitely an interesting post! I’ve been realizing more and more recently the power of social media. It seems like social media is the new customer service, media release stations, and entertainment function all rolled into one.

Just last night I tweet at a brand for the first time- my rainboots have ripped open in the seams and I’m not very happy about it. So I tweeted at the brand to see what would happen. In less than an hour I had received a response asking me to email the company for further help. So far I’m pretty impressed.

Social media really is proving to be a powerful tool for the everyday user. It’s going to be fun to watch where it will take us next!

I agree with Liz’s comment above as well as you pointing out the power that lies within social media. I use my twitter to tweet to brands all the time. The immediate response seems powering to me. It makes the brands feel less corporate.

When it comes to my own voice on any social platform I don’t think I am really presenting myself. I think it might be good for me to look at what I want to get out of social media.

Being a student, we are taught that social media is a great tool for brands to use. I like how you ask, “how does the everyday user use social media?” We forget that each one of us is our own brand. I am very impressed with how you developed your own brand with music and used social media to promote what interests you. Although I am not as musically talented as you, I too can still promote myself using social media. Its not just a platform to post pictures and comment, I need to learn to better promote myself.

We always hear about what a big name company or brand is doing on social media but we rarely ever hear of the average joe’s contribution. I think this post was great because you showed just what the average user can do for him or herself. This is an area that I need to improve on my own social media presence. Sometimes I forget how powerful it can be, especially as a new graduate still on a job hunt. Great post!

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