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Social Media: Kid Tested, Mothers Rule

Posted on: February 15, 2012

As part of a generation that has grown up with this huge technological revolution, it was funny to watch my mom get excited about sending her first text or setting up her Facebook. But to be honest, she learns quick and doesn’t just stalk people she went to high school with. In all actuality, moms across the country are becoming one of the biggest and most influential markets. With the addition of sites like Pinterest, moms’ influence is increasingly becoming more and more impressive.

Moms are one of the Internet’s most desirable groups. eMarketer estimates that there were 35.3 million US mothers online in 2008, that number today is astoundingly more. Dave Cutler gives some insight on some prominent “Mom Stats” about their social media use:

  • Moms are 18% more likely than average to have a smartphone & 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone.
  • Moms are also 40% more likely than average to use their smartphone for social networking.
  • Mom spends 37% of her daily media time with her smartphone, which is double that spent on TV, and more time than with other media, including radio, magazines, and newspapers.
  • 96% have Facebook downloaded, and more than two-thirds are tapping onto social networking sites at least once a day to many times a day.

Those percentages are pretty impressive. But what makes moms so powerful? It’s pretty much like this: kids listen to their friends, and moms listen to other moms. Moms are on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and even social bookmarking sites. Mommybloggers give reviews of products and at the same time, have the power to tank a brand (and tank it quick). The rise of these new social media sites has created a community for moms to congregate and share information instantly. Not only are they sharing information, but they are building friendships. Moms all went (or are going) through the same thing, and the safety net they have made with each other is astounding.

Check out this sweet infographic from BlogWorld:


6 Responses to "Social Media: Kid Tested, Mothers Rule"


Great post. Thanks for featuring mine.


No problem Dave! It was a great read.


You really hit it right on the head with how active moms are on social media these days, and in turn, how social media can be such a valuable tool for brands to use to connect with such an important target audience! Moms make a large majority of the purchasing decisions for their families, ranging from what toothpaste to use to where the family should go on vacation. If brands can start to tailor their page to reach out to these moms (if it’s the proper target audience), it will only help their bottom line!

Plus, I think it’s pretty fair to say that these stats regarding moms and use of social media and smart phones will only increase as our generation ages and starts becoming parents in our own right! So now’s the perfect time for brands to start mastering the tool so they have it perfected by the time these numbers go through the roof!

I wholeheartedly agree. Moms are here to stay. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Mother knows best!”

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Thank you! I haven’t been writing as of late but plan to get back on track.

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