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No, you are seeing it correctly, and no, this page is not over capacity.

Lately, my fascination with social media has lead me to think of new ways to utilize the same concepts just in an unusual way.

Every day, we all log on to Facebook, Twitter, and countless other sites. We all love to see that notification pop up, we all love to get mentions and retweets, but everyone also undeniably loves to receive letters in the mail. There’s something peculiar about it. Junk mail? Toss it. Bills? They can wait. However, a letter from a friend, mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa is that golden ticket that we always get excited for.

But what happens when our Wifi times out, or Twitter is over capacity?

Enter Whale Mail.

I have this idea where I want to physically mail tweets. That’s right. Write a tweet out (including any links and actually copy/pasting photos into this “tweet”), put it in an envelope, and mail it to the person. I am even creating a whale and speech bubble to use in sending “tweets.”

I don’t really know how far I’ll take this idea or how long I will continue to send tweets after a few first rounds. But really, how nice would it be to avoid the Fail Whale and to send and receive a letter from a good friend?


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